Ed Neumeister

Ed’s sophisticated music, with influences from Jazz, Classic and World Music, is highly engaging with surprising twists and turns of rhythmic and harmonic fancifulness. Below are audio and video examples of various performances with different ensembles.


Duo & Trio
Quartet & Quintet
Big Band
& Orchestra

Solo Music

Solo Improvisation for Trombone, Voice & Plunger


This has been a big hit on YouTube. Over 200,000 views. People either love it or hate it …

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Duo & Trio


Live recording of "Calypso" composed by Karl Ratzer.
Performed by himself on guitar together with Ed Neumeister on trombone at Vinifero in Vienna, December 21st, 2019

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Sabah el Nur

Live recording of "Sabah el Nur" composed by Karl Ratzer.
Performed by himself on guitar together with Ed Neumeister on trombone at Vinifero in Vienna, December 21st, 2019

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The Mohican and the Great Spirit


The “Swiss Trio”. We toured Switzerland, Austria & Germany reguarly in the 90’s. The recording captures our vibe and our spirit.

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Electro-acoustic soundscapes #1


Duo with Ingo Rieber playing “laptop”.

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Olympic Quintet for winds

12 November 2012

Inspired by watching the Olypmics on TV, this piece starts out with a depiction of a hi-stakes swimming event. Premiered by Midnight Winds Woodwind Quintet, Los Angeles.
Midnight Winds Woodwind Quintet, Los Angeles. Amy Tatum: flute, Jennifer Johnson: oboe, Andrew Leonard: clarinet, Allen Fogle: horn & Maciej Flis: bassoon First, the mysterious empty pool, with anxious waves getting ready for those human interlopers. Then the swimmers get into the pool en masse. Following is a section where each different swim stroke is portrayed. Butterfly stroke, breast stroke, back crawl, front crawl and free style are all depicted. The middle section features each instrument in a more solistic fashion, and is about the feats on the uneven parallel bars and twists and turns on the trampoline. The piece ends with a recap on swimming, this time in the relay race. The five individual woodwinds in the woodwind quintet format seemed to sync with the five Olympic rings on the Olympic logo as well.

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String Quartet #1

1 October 2011

Lyris Quartet, Recorded live at Vitello’s in Studio City CA
Alyssa Park & Shalini Vijayan: violin, Luke Mauer: viola & Timothy Loo: cello
©2011 MeisteroMusic (BMI) all rights reserved

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Suite for Piano Quartet and Improvising Soloist


Commissioned by the RTE Living music festival in Dublin Ireland 2007.
The Suite for piano Quartet and Improvising Soloist was recorded live at the Living Music Festival in Dublin, Ireland on February 18, 2007, featuring some of the finest classical musicians in Ireland.

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The New York Trombone Quartet, when history was made.

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Seven Vignettes for Violin & Piano

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Colloquium for Flute & Piano

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Quartet & Quintet

Suite Ellington

07 August 2016

Billy Drewes – Alto Sax & Clarinet, Jim Rotondi – Trumpet & Flugelhorn,
Ed Neumeister – Trombone, Fritz Pauer – Piano, Peter Herbert – Contra Bass,
Jeff Ballard – Drums

Arranged and Produced by Ed Neumeister
In memory of Fritz Pauer

Celebrating the 100th birthday of the great Billy Strayhorn, composer, arranger, trombonist, Ed Neumeister, releases his latest album with a collection of his arrangements of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s lessor known masterpieces arranged for jazz sextet. Included in the collection is the complete Queens Suite, Come Sunday from Black Brown & Beige, DEPK from the Far East Suite, and the Juan Tizol classic Caravan.

Featuring some of the finest interpreters of creative music today. Ed Neumeister, who played with the Duke Ellington Orchestra for over fifteen years, takes the Ellington/Strayhorn evolution as inspiration and adds his personal touch to the arrangements that allows the players to contribute with their own unique voices resulting in a modern creative reading of these half-century old classics.

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Trombonist Ed Neumeister is new to me, but he's a veteran, back from an expatriot stint. With this disc he's crafted a marvelous, understated democratic quartet sound. Buy Album.
Dan McClenaghan's Top Ten for 2006

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New Standards


A musicians’ musician, Neumeister has it all – tone, range, multiple sounds and a virtuosity that makes him as formidable a classical player as he is in jazz. Neumeister has performed with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Duke Ellington Orchestra (under the direction of Mercer Ellington) for almost two decades and developed a reputation as one who “re-does standards” after receiving a Grammy nomination for his arrangement of "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" from the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra CD Too You. Buy Album.

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Metro Music


Ed Neumeister Quintet – With Billy Drewes: saxes & clarinet, Kenny Werner & Jim McNeely: piano, Dennis Irwin: bass, Mike Clark & Jamey Haddad: drums
On Sale now at the Ed Neumeister Store

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Big Band & Orchestra

Wake Up Call


All compositions by Ed Neumeister (MeisteroMusic BMI)

"Wake Up Call"

NeuHat Ensemble:
Reeds: Mark Gross , Billy Drewes , Dick Oatts , Rich Perry, Adam Kolker
Trumpets: Tony Kadleck, Ron Tooley, Dave Ballou, Jon Owens
Trombones: Keith O’Quinn, Larry Farrell, Marshall Gilkes, David Taylor
Rhythm Section: David Berkman - piano, Hans Glawischnig - double bass, Steve Cardenas - guitar,
John Riley - drums, John Hollenbeck - percussion.
Tonmeister: Michael Patterson
Musician Contractor: Keith O’Quinn

On Sale at Bandcamp

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KUG Expanded 30 piece Jazz Orchestra

12 September 2014

KUG (University of the Performing Arts, Graz Austria Expanded (30 piece) Jazz Orchestra) performing live in concert May 6 & 7 2014 at Mumuth, György-Ligeti-Saal, Graz Austria
Composed & Directed by Ed Neumeister

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