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As delightful as it is adventurous, 3 for the Road captures the almost alchemical enchantments that resulted whenever these boundless musicians came together. Their deeply felt synergy was built upon a shared love of a vast range of influences, melding standard repertoire with free improvisation, classical composition with daring invention, poetic lyricism with stark abstraction.

"Be open, explore, and take the time to enjoy and be swept up by the inventiveness and audaciousness of this mostly progressive music and these talented musicians on 3 For The Road. " Ralph A. Miriello Notes on Jazz

"This is a very exciting recording from three musicians who have been a little under the radar, at least for us up here in the north. And as a reminder of the excellent pianist Fritz Pauer (14/10 1943-1. July 2012), this is perfect." Jan Granlie Salt Peanuts

"A trio collaboration between vocalist Jay Clayton, trombonist Ed Neumeister, and pianist Fritz Pauer, 2020's 3 for the Road is an ebullient album that showcases their ecstatic group interplay......3 for the Road captures Clayton, Neumeister, and Pauer's broad creativity, immense technical control, and artful emotional pathos." Matt Collar