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Featuring New Groove from the Wake Up Call CD featuring Rich Perry.

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Larry Kart Organissimo Jazz Forums

“Album of the year for me. Here's a modified version of an email I sent this morning to Neumeister:”

Audiophile Audition / December 30, 2017/ Jazz CD Reviews
Ed Neumeister & his NeuHat Ensemble – Wake Up Call – MeisteroMusic 0017, 67:13 [7/15/17] ****:
Modern, large ensemble jazz from an under appreciated composer/conductor.
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“I got my Wake Up Call this morning from Meistero Music, and put on my new hat in honor of Ed Neumeister & his NeuHat Ensemble. Man, this thing swings! Its eight originals by the multi-talented Neumeister are diverse, engaging, entertaining and sounds best if played really loud. Dude’s a trombone man, conductor, composer, arranger, bandleader and producer. Meant to light a fire under concerned citizens about the direction of our country, he’s used music as a motivational metaphor for action. His obvious classical chops are on display and he uses his NeuHats like crayons on a coloring book. This includes reeds (5), trumpets (4), trombones (5), piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion. The result is an absolutely riveting call to, uh, wake up! Highly recommended.”
by Mike Greenblatt,  the Aquarian Weekly

"Wake Up Call" is a delight from start to finish with melodies that linger long after the final fade. Though it's taken nearly three years from the recording dates to the release date, the music is timely and timeless.  With Ed Neumeister moving back to the US, maybe the NeuHat Ensemble will bring this music to concert halls. That's so nice to contemplate!”
Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest
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“…If, on the other hand, you are drawn to music that is more or less off the beaten path and challenges your mind and spirit, composer / arranger / trombonist Ed Neumeister's new album may well serve as the anomalous Wake Up Call you've been waiting for. It takes no more than a few moments of listening to the labyrinthine, through-composed opener, "Birds of Prey," to ascertain that this is not your parents' big-band jazz………it rewards those who are willing to accept the challenge at hand and embrace it with an open mind and open ears.”
Jack Bowers, All About Jazz
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“…Wake Up Call holds out to eight evocative originals solidly orchestrated through airy and polished arrangements. Striding with a soft backbeat, “Birds of Prey” brings flutes and other woodwinds to the forefront, assuming an innocuous nature and progressing with unabashed determination……

Leading with a strong musical discernment, Mr. Neumeister harmoniously paints several landscapes using distinct techniques and intensities. Although glancingly evocative of Duke, there’s room for a contemporary attitude, which makes of Wake Up Call a bracing album packed with pleasurable sounds to be discovered.”
Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail. Read Complete Review

“Enjoyable big band session that attains the right balance between textural density and fluid motion.  A mix of traditional and modern conventions, and Neumeister’s NeuHat Ensemble deftly blurs the line between the two so that the transitions are subtle and, consequently, dramatic in an odd sort of way.  He brings an all-star line-up that includes names like Adam Kolker, Billy Drewes, Dick Oatts, John Hollenbeck, Hans Glawischnig and a bunch of other musicians who’ve received praise on this site.”
Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm. Read full review

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