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This book by trombonist Ed Neumeister, is for the intermediate/advanced trombonist. It contains 24 etudes designed to promote range, good sound, musicality and fluidity. The author plays each etude and some improvisations on the CD.

Also includes chapters on articulations, scales, chords, flexibility and more. Inspirational and practical, this complete method helps you keep practice time focused and productive.

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Ed Neumeister is “among present day Trombonists who continue the legacy of Urbie Green, Frank Rosolino & Jimmy Knepper.”

Gunther Schuller, The Oxford Companion to Jazz, Oxford University Press

Trombone Technique, Through Music
Book Cover

Trombone Technique, Through Music


Trombone Technique, Through Music

My goal as a young player was to grow and improve. I still feel that as long as I am learning, growing and improving I will be content with my development and relatively happy with my playing. I am continually trying to stretch myself, which I feel is the only way to take the music to new places. Trombonists in general have a tendency to the get so involved with the technical aspects of playing, because it is a difficult instrument to play, that they forget about the music. We have to remind ourselves that the trombone is only the instrument and that the reason that we are playing the trombone is to make music.

This doesn't mean that technique is not important. On the contrary, it is almost impossible to create meaningful music without technical facility. And it is certainly impossible to take the music into the future without a highly developed technique. We would all like to become virtuosos and it is a reachable goal with the dedication and hard work that it takes to achieve such a status. But we mustn't become so consumed with this technical development that we lose track of the reasons that we became musicians to begin with: to play beautiful and meaningful music.


The trombone is just the instrument with which we can express ourselves through the music.


As I grew and matured as a musician I realized the importance of expanding the vocabulary of the trombone as well as the music itself. This I see as almost an obligation to the players that have come before us, players that have brought the music from their past into the future, for us to continue. A kind of a relay, without the race.

I hope to show the student an approach to studying music through the trombone that will be both rewarding and fun. It is my premise that we can develop our technique by playing music, rather than developing technique so that we can go and play music. We should always play, whether it is an exercise, etude or an improvisation with as much expression and personality that is appropriate for the musical situation.

Etude 1

Trombone Technique, Through Music

Etude 6

Trombone Technique, Through Music

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