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Skype Lessons

Private and group lessons in composition/arranging, improvisation and trombone via Skype video conference and live in person.

Lessons are 60 minutes. The cost is $130 payable by PayPal to

Minimum tech requirements: Computer with high speed internet, with headphones or mic and speaker. For composition and arranging lessons video is not necessary as we can look together at pdf scores.

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See what Ed’s students, past and present, are saying:

Michael GribbroekNick GrinderMike SailorsJeff AlbertCharlie HalloranDavid GrottschreiberFabian KalkerBernhard NeumaierDaniel RieglerPhil Yaeger & Deborah Weisz

Michael Gribbroek

Current on-line composition student
Active freelance musician in the NY/NJ area, who also teaches at William Paterson University and Caldwell College.

Ed Neumeister is one of the most accomplished musicians I have been privileged to know and work with. Now that knowledge and experience is available to anyone with a computer. These are not just “wail by mail” lessons either. The Skype system, which can be downloaded for free and is easy to use, allows for real time, face-to-face sessions. For anyone looking to improve their brass playing, improvising or composing “chops”, this is great opportunity to work with one of the best.

Nick Grinder

Current in-person and on-line student
NYU Masters Student

Taking one on one skype lessons with Ed has been very valuable to my development as a musician and trombone player. Not only is he brutally honest, which I believe is always a necessary trait in a teacher, he has many methods and exercises which can help you overcome your issues with the instrument and mind which sometimes arise when practicing and performing. His creative practicing techniques have helped me break out of a somewhat monotonous practice routine and given me the courage to really focus my time and energy on making music, while still giving ample time to develop technique on the horn. What’s great is all of that is completely communicable through skype; no matter where you are in the world, lessons are still easily accessible and just as informative.


Mike Sailors

Current on-line composition and arranging student
Freelance Trumpet/Composer/Arranger, Austin Texas, Instructor University of Texas, Austin,

I’ve taken a handful of lessons from Ed now and I can honestly say that in the short amount time he’s worked with me, my writing has improved in leaps and bounds. He has given me many things to think about while also working me on the fundamentals of good orchestration/composition. Being able to converse with someone who has as much experience and expertise as Ed in my opinion is priceless.

My communication with Ed has been through the use of Skype. With Skype, the lessons run very smoothly as Ed is able to “screen share” and show you on your score exactly what he’s referring to when discussing composition/orchestration concepts.

I would recommend that any composer who is serious about elevating their skills take lessons with Ed.

Jeff Albert

Former Trombone Student
Professional trombonist, improvisor, and teacher based in New Orleans, LA

Someone asked me about influential teachers the other day, and I told them about the one lesson with Ed Neumeister. I said I only took one lesson, and we mostly talked about how to practice, but I’ve applied stuff from that lesson every day since I took it, 12 years ago, or however long it was.

Charlie Halloran

former on-line & in person trombone student
Freelance Trombonist New Orleans LA

I had the privilege of studying trombone with Ed Neumeister both in person and via skype. Ed’s musical approach towards gaining technique and improvisation pointed me in a much more satisfying direction than standard trombone lessons focused on drilling technique before performing. Ed really righted the ship. Throughout my undergraduate and masters degrees I would turn to Ed via Skype for another take on my progress and supplemental advice. Ed has huge ears and is very insightful, consistently inspiring my playing in a way most trombonists don’t. Ed’s advice is invaluable and I recommend jumping on any opportunity to hear his take on music. These aren’t your grandma’s trombone lessons!



David Grottschreiber

Former composition Student
Professional arranger/composer/conductor, musical director of the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, teacher at the Musikhochschule Luzern

Although he was my composition teacher for only a year, Ed has been a major influence on my approach to composing. Being deeply rooted in the jazz tradition and at the same time with a thorough knowledge of classical and contemporary composition, he is open and strives for new developments in jazz composition. Of his students he demands good craftmanship- which has been very beneficial in my work as a professional musician.

Most importantly, Ed continues to work as a very dedicated composer himself and is open to share insights and experiences from his own career.

Fabian Kalker

Former composition student
Berlin based composer/producer/instrumentalist

Ed Neumeister’s deep passion for music, broad experience in teaching and his lifelong immersion in music has been a great inspiration for me.

No matter what your musical interests are or at what point you are on your journey he will take you seriously as an artist and help you develop further.

Having had the chance to study with him has left a deep impact and made me a better musician in every sense.



Bernhard Neumaier

Former trombone and composition student
Freelance trombonist, theater musician and musical director. Teacher for low brass instruments

The idea to take lessons with Ed Neumeister, also via internet (skype) sounds fantastic to me! For me, he is a “complete musician”: He is not just a virtuoso trombone player and jazz musician, but also a composer, teacher and mentor. His philosophical view of music and life in general is an enrichment to my life as a musician and music teacher!


Daniel Riegler

Former trombone & composition student
trombonist, composer, band leader,

I started studying trombone, improvisation and composition with Ed after going through a hard personal and artistic crisis. I cannot think of anything better than having the chance to meet Ed at this point of my life. Ed is a very positive and clear minded teacher, always seeing your strength not leaving out constructive criticism. He has helped me efficiently with several technical issues, besides that, he is a great partner for endless philosophical discussions and an immense inspiration as an artist.



Phil Yaeger

Former trombone & composition student (Bachelor & Masters)
Phil Yaeger, freelance musician/composer, Vienna, Austria,

I am indebted to Ed for pointing me in the right direction musically. His approach to music - including such basic but oft-ignored aspects such as posture, breathing and mental training - is applicable not only to the trombone and other instruments but also to one’s relationship with music and to life in general. His method of teaching improvisation is natural and intuitive, beginning with music and moving on to more involved concepts rather than the reverse.

He also has the rare gift of discernment as a teacher: he is able to see obstacles to a musician’s development, whether physical or mental, and suggest ways to move beyond them. I recommend Ed in the highest terms to anyone wishing to further themselves as a musician.



Deborah Weisz

Former trombone and composition student
Freelance Trombonist, Composer, Educator (NYC), Jazz Trombone Faculty, WCSU,,

Studying with Ed Neumeister really helped me evolve in all aspects of my musicianship.

His method of “Creative Practicing” has also been a beneficial influence on my teaching methods with my own students.

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