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Ed Neumeister and his NeuHat Ensemble.
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17 July 2017

All compositions by Ed Neumeister (MeisteroMusic BMI)

"Wake Up Call"

NeuHat Ensemble:

Reeds: Mark Gross , Billy Drewes , Dick Oatts , Rich Perry, Adam Kolker

Trumpets: Tony Kadleck, Ron Tooley, Dave Ballou, Jon Owens

Trombones: Keith O’Quinn, Larry Farrell, Marshall Gilkes, David Taylor

Rhythm Section: David Berkman - piano, Hans Glawischnig - double bass, Steve Cardenas - guitar,

John Riley - drums, John Hollenbeck - percussion.

Tonmeister: Michael Patterson

Musician Contractor: Keith O’Quinn

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The title track, Wake Up Call, is signifying the state of our society at the present time. When will we as a society wake up to the injustices to our fellow brothers and sisters on the precious planet and to our dear Mother Nature?

Even though I am deeply concerned about the ongoing wars and carnage of man against man and against the planet that we call home, pitting the haves against the have-nots. While the powerful consolidate “power” the rest of us are expanding our consciousness, to a place where we can understand and accept the ego for it is and use it for positive purposes. Understanding that we are all truly equal in all regards. While it seems sometimes that humanity is following the path of madness, without consideration to our children and their children, we can hope that what’s right will truly prevail over greed, corruption and evil.

The piece Wake Up Call is positive in nature as I am an optimist and feel that the human consciousness is evolving, albeit slowly, and that some day we will be living in peace and prosperity without violent conflict against our fellow citizens or Mother Nature. Too much to ask?

Mother Nature is a great, unending, source of inspiration for me.

The music on this CD reflects a lifetime in music and the on-gong quest to create music at the highest levels with my musical colleagues around the globe.

The NeuHat Ensemble is comprised of some of the best musicians anywhere and I am honored that they agreed to participate in this project. Amazing musicians all. I am proud of the result and look forward to the next project, whatever that might be.

Until then, Enjoy!

Ed Neumeister


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