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Ed Neumeister - Music - Ed performs
Ed Neumeister - Music - Ed performs - Suite for Expanded Jazz Orchestra

KUG Expanded 30 piece Jazz Orchestra

The KUG Expanded (30 piece) Jazz Orchestra performing live in concert May 6 & 7 2014 at Mumuth, György-Ligeti-Saal, Graz Austria

12 September 2014

KUG (University of the Performing Arts, Graz Austria Expanded (30 piece) Jazz Orchestra) performing live in concert May 6 & 7 2014 at Mumuth, György-Ligeti-Saal, Graz Austria

Composed & Directed by Ed Neumeister

Wake Up Call “the madness of humanity” is a response to the continuing polluting and poisoning of the planet we live on. Hopefully, we (humanity) will wake up before it is too late. I: Mother Earth Sings the Blues II: Exploration, searching for a solution III: Redemption, it's not too late.... yet

Suite for Expanded Jazz Orchestra has it’s inspiration from Mother Nature. The more I observe nature, the more I see how beautiful she is. Organic shapes have a flow and symmetry without being symmetrical. The sections in this piece reflect my observations of the shapes and colors of nature integrated thru my musical vision.

Signals #1 begins in the desert with impressionistic shapes enhanced by bursts of colors and wind, leading into Birds of Prey where the winds and strings represent the two or three Birds of Prey as they glide effortlessly above the earth. The rest of the orchestra represents the constant activity on the ground below, ebbing and flowing in intensity.

Chamber Sips gives the full orchestra a break as first the Wind Quintet then the String Quartet represent small communities of animals working to survive and thrive.

Joshua Tree is not actually a tree but a large cactus in the Mohave desert in California. The shape of the cactus is usually with three primary structures on top. They represent the three-note motif that Joshua Tree is based on. It starts with a sand storm in the desert before clearing into a stark, beautiful but rugged landscape.

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